About Linda’s Country at Art

Hi, My name is Linda K Davis and I am a professional, self-taught artist and the owner of Linda’s Country @ Art Gallery & Gifts. My husband, Roger, and I opened our business in November 1995. We started in a small 20×30 house and 3 years later we built a 30×60 building. God has blessed us in many, many ways.linda01

We have many handmade crafts, custom ‘one of a kind’ paintings, antiques, primitive candles, grapevine trees and also flower arrangements, wreaths and swags. Most of the items are hand-done by me, along with some help from my husband and sons. My painting ability is my most precious gift. I paint mostly in acrylic, some oil, pencil, etc. I give God all the credit for my talents. There’s a prayer in every piece I paint. I paint on canvas, milk cans, saws, wooden ironing boards, mail boxes, almost anything that paint will hold onto. My favorite is reverse paintings on old house windows, where I paint on the back side of glass and paint backwards. It is really a rewarding way to paint, because you never know what you will get until it’s finished.

I custom paint for anyone, all I need are some photographs. I’ll paint your old home-place, a general scene of an old house and barn, or a painting of your favorite pet. Well, that’s just a few examples to get started. There are so many people that would love to have these sentimental memories sitting or hanging in their homes. So when you think of getting someone a gift, this would be perfect. They will cherish this for the rest of their lives. I also custom make Christmas ornaments on crushed pop-cans, old spoons and blown light bulbs. If I don’t have what you need, I will try my best to make it. For Christmas orders, you’ll need to order early.

So stop in when you’re in the area or visit my web site regularly for there will always be something different and exciting. May God bless you all.